What do we teach

Espresso and Italian Cappuccino

We want to give you all our knowledge on the world of coffee with Italian style, a deepening on Espresso and Cappuccino, two traditional Italian drinks, moreover, this course provides a true full immersion in the Italian style of coffee starting from history to the present day.

Barista Pro camp

A full immersion of 5 days in the world of coffee at 360 °, starting from the basics like botany, history and consumption, to reach all the aspects that a good Barista must know, such as: Espresso and milk-based drinks, filter coffee systems, sensory analysis and evaluation of green coffee, lastly, a good Barista should know how to make latte art.

Latte art LAGS (Latte Art Grading System)

Our Trainers are official certificators of this system that works in colors, from White to Black, passing through Orange, Green, Red. A true path of professional growth as "Latte Artists", the LAGS system is recognized all over the world, combined with the course of milk art as an addition to it.

Coffee Creations menu

Creations based on coffee for your most engaging and enjoyable menus, our Trainers will teach you the techniques for the composition of a menu with Drinks based on Coffee and more, the combination of different ingredients to create drinks that amaze and delicious. We will help you to attract your customers with greater success thanks to these drinks.

Master "How to run / lead a coffee shop"

The spearhead of the CTA training, a real 140-hour specialization course, which touches almost all the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) training, plus it combines the managerial aspect, as well as the management of staff, customers, manage local health laws, control and management of equipment, total supervisioning of employees, sales and marketing.

Personalized training for companies and hotels

With our experienced Italian Trainers we are able to offer a selected training aimed specifically at the needs of the companies, group courses for employees, team building and professionalization. We can ensure an improvement of the Bar service performances after this course.


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