Whether you are a coffee lover or an operator looking to be qualified to stand out from the crowd, or an experienced barman who tries to take your skills to next level, you have made the right choice!

This Brewing by SCA path is divided into three different levels:

  • Foundation

    This course is suitable for those who want to approach the world of filter coffee, during the lesson the principles are addressed to obtain a correct filter coffee, manual extraction systems and a part of the introduction of the filter coffee.

  • Intermediate

    Designed to introduce the intermediate into the core skills and equipment required to produce great brewed coffee and understand how to chart different brew styles.
    Ideally candidates should hold a general understanding of brewing and grinder coffee for all brewing methods.

    Course Content Includes these areas:

    - Elementary aspects of coffee grinding
    - Effects of roasting on the coffee bean
    - Brewing process
    - Brewing Guidelines
    - Charting Coffee

  • Professional

    The Course takes the scientific knowledge a stage further, covering the impact of temperature on brewing, acidity levels during the brewing process, the impact of water quality on coffee brewing and flavour and understanding how to chart espresso and brew within a given extraction percentage.

    This module is for highly experienced baristas who have completed Intermediate level. Ideal for Head Baristas who are looking to provide in house training or to compete at a professional level.
    Ideally candidates should have completed Introduction to Coffee, Brewing Intermediate, and Barista Intermediate.

    Course Content Includes these main areas:
    - By-pass charting and flavour.
    - Grind particle size and its effect.
    - Influencing brewing parameters.
    - Water quality and its effect.
    - Holding methods and their impact on quality and flavour.
    - Roasting and its effect on flavour.


Duration: Foundation, 7 hours on a single day (including exam) - Difficulty: ** on *****
Intermediate, 15 hours in two days (including exam) - Difficulty: *** on *****
Professional, 23 hours in three days (including exam) - Difficulty: ***** on *****
Location: (address) DUBAI - SCA Official Premium Campus
Courses include lunch, teaching materials and our fabulous gadgets!
Difficulty: ** on ***** Price:
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