Espresso and Cappuccino "Italian Style"

A real full immersion in the world of coffee, seen from the perspective of Italy that invented Espresso and Cappuccino then become famous in the world. Our Trainers are strictly Italian and with a true attitude to Made in Italy, they will guide you in our coffee culture, they will make you discover the diversity and various nuances that coffee has in Italy from North to South.

The program is divided into several points:

  • History of coffee in Italy

  • The era of espresso machines

  • The Italian Bar

  • Extraction of an Espresso

  • Milk setting for Italian Cappuccino

  • Italian drinks that are known in the world

  • Maintenance and cleaning of equipment

In the end, how the different styles influence the result in the cup. The real Made in Italy!

Duration: 6 hours on a single day
Location: (address) DUBAI - SCA Official Premium Campus
Courses include lunch, teaching materials and our fabulous gadgets!
Difficulty: ** on ***** Price:
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