Introduction to coffee

Go into to Coffee course, is the first step in SCA accredited courses and is perfect for anyone, whether you are a coffee lover or approaching the SCA coffee diploma.

In this course you will discover the different aspects of coffee, from where specialty coffee comes and how it is positioned on the world market; the history of coffee; the different coffee species all over the world and the basics of tasting, roasting, preparation, processing and much more.

This course is a great first step in the world of coffee and is a must for coffee lovers, as well as for experienced professionals. This course can be supported with or without SCA accreditation and can be used for the SCA Coffee Diploma (from 10 points).


Duration: 6 hours on a single day (including exams)
Location: (address) DUBAI - SCA Official Premium Campus
The course includes lunch, teaching materials and our fabulous gadgets!
Difficulty: ** on *****