Latte Art

In order to become a true professional, a correct espresso extraction technique is not enough, but a scientific technique of whipping the milk and a correct pouring of the cream for the creation of figures on the surface of the milk-based beverages must be applied.

Our courses allow the Baristas to access the Latte Art Grading System * circuit to obtain a certification that is of international level.

The student can decide to enroll and take the course, without the obligation to take the LAGS exam.

(*The " Latte art grading system " is a system qualification of technical and creative skills about the latte art of the barista (usually employed in the cafeteria ). The courses of " latte art grading" are structured on three levels:

  • Basic course grading (grading for white and orange )

  • Intermediate course grading ( for green and red grading)

  • Professional or black grading ( exclusive for blacks grading).

The specification of grading provides for each individual level or color has a number of specific skills related to the preparation of drinks made with the technique of latte art.)

Duration: 6 hours on a single day (optional LAGS exam excluded)
Location: (address) DUBAI - SCA Official Premium Campus
Courses include lunch, teaching materials and our fabulous gadgets!
Difficulty: ** on ***** Price:
At your place: