Sensory Skills

Get experience in key elements of sensory evaluation in SCA sensory skill classes. Discover the perception of taste and taste, learn to evaluate a myriad of coffee characteristics and develop tasting, evaluation and calibration skills.

This Sensory Skills by SCA route consists of three different levels:

  • Foundation

    This course covers the essentials of sensory evaluation. You will learn in a very practical and interactive manner the way we perceive what we taste and how to apply it to the evaluation of the intrinsic characteristics of coffee. It also offers an introduction to identify specialty coffee qualities and gain an overview on how to implement it in your business.

  • Intermediate

    This course is suitable for those who want to pursue specialist knowledge at a high level in this subject. It is recommended that you have some experience of working in this field before attempting this level or have successfully passed Sensory Skills Foundation.

    It is broken down into three areas:
    - How we Taste, perceive and interpret
    - Running a cupping session & tasting the diversity of coffee
    - How to set up sensory in your business & sensory application 

  • Professional

    The course aims to teach you to be a sensory skills leader in a coffee business and brings your tasting skills to the professional level.

    Be a sensory skills leader:
    - Know the science background
    - Master the preparation protocol
    - Understand the methodology
    - Be able to set up panel
    - Be able to set up sensory facilities
    - Learn where to apply sensory: shelf life, NPD

  • Personal tasting skills on:

    - Taints
    - SCAA Cupping
    - Profiling
    - Quality identification

Duration: Foundation, 7 hours on a single day (including exam) - Difficulty: ** on *****
Intermediate, 15 hours in two days (including exam) - Difficulty: *** on *****
Professional, 23 hours in three days (including exam) - Difficulty: ***** on *****

Location: (address) DUBAI - SCA Official Premium Campus
Courses include lunch, teaching materials and our fabulous gadgets!
Difficulty: ** on ***** Price:
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